#TimeForUnrest is a global campaign to grow and strengthen the global movement for equal recognition, education, research, and funding for ME.



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If you live in the United States, sign our petition calling on the US National Institutes of Health to allocate more funding to ME.


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Bring Unrest to community centers, schools, churches, libraries, universities, medical schools, hospitals, clinics, biotech companies, and government institutions!

If you are interested in bringing the film to your community or campus, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly!

Currently, Unrest DVD and Blu-rays only include English subtitles and English audio description. Please note we are currently working on several foreign language subtitles for Unrest community screenings. If you are interested in hosting a screening with a particular language, please contact us.


For US and worldwide screenings (including foreign languages), contact screenings@shellafilms.com.

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Host an UNREST House Party

Whether it's dinner and a movie, 20 people crammed into your living room with a bowl of popcorn, or just you and one other friend sharing the experience of Unrest, you can join in and help us grow the movement.


Gather your friends, family, and neighbors, watch Unrest on Netflix, DVD or your favorite digital platform, facilitate a discussion, and take action! Share the film with those who don’t know much about ME or want to how they can support the movement for equal access to research and care.

Interested in hosting a House Party? Access our House Party Host Packet here.

Want to incorporate direct advocacy action into your house party? Visit the #MEAction website to find opportunities for concrete action: www.meaction.net



Twenty-eight year-old Jennifer Brea is working on her PhD at Harvard and months away from marrying the love of her life when she gets a mysterious fever that leaves her bedridden and looking for answers. Disbelieved by doctors yet determined to live, she turns her camera on herself and discovers a hidden world of millions confined to their homes and bedrooms by ME, commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Unrest tells the first-person story of Jennifer and her husband, Omar, newlyweds grappling with how to live in the face of a lifelong illness. But it is also a global story about an international community of patients with a serious, life-altering illness — millions suffering invisibly and left at the margins of medicine and science.

Unrest world-premiered January in competition at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where it won a Special Jury Prize for editing. It has since screened at SxSW, CPH:DOX, HotDocs, River Run (Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature), the Nashville Film Festival (Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature), and at Sheffield Doc/Fest, where it won the Wellcome Trust’s Illuminate Award for "vibrant and innovative filmmaking inspired by scientific understanding." Unrest also has a companion virtual reality piece, which premiered at Tribeca and won the Jury Award for best VR at Sheffield/DocFest.

In September 2017, Unrest launched theatrically in cities across the US and UK and Australia, along with a global impact campaign, Time For Unrest, which aims to increase awareness, education, research and funding around ME. The campaign consists of community screenings to engage doctors, students, scientists, policymakers, and leaders in biotech & pharma around the world. In the US, the film will aired on PBS's Independent Lens in January 2018. The film is now available globally on Netflix.



More global partners and allies coming soon. To partner with us, please get in touch.