We invite all doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to support ME patients and join us in our efforts to improve care


The Pledge for Empathetic Care

I will remember that even though our diagnostics are always improving, not all disease can be seen with the naked eye or measured in a commercial lab

I will remember that even though science has unmasked countless mysteries, it understands only a tiny fraction of nature, and reveals more every day

I will remember that every patient is the expert on what is “normal” for his or her own body and will value his or her experience as important evidence

I will listen deeply and practice my science, art and craft with empathy, curiosity and understanding

I will continue to learn more about ME and share my knowledge with other medical professionals

I pledge that even when my best tools cannot diagnose, treat or cure, I will continue to walk this journey alongside my patients and will not abandon them

I will advocate for increased awareness, education, treatments and ultimately, a cure, for ME.

I sign my name to this pledge so I can help all ME patients, and those living with invisible or complex, chronic illness, to live their best lives.

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