Bring Unrest to your local public library


We’ve created a new license, just for public libraries, so that Unrest is even more accessible to all communities! The Library License gives public libraries permission to add the film to their library catalogue.*

Donate a Library License to your local library

You can purchase a Library License on behalf of your local public library. We will ship a DVD or Blu-ray copy of Unrest directly to the library branch!

Ask your local library to add Unrest to its collection

Another way to help bring Unrest to public libraries is to contact your local branch directly, explaining why Unrest needs to be a part of their film catalogue. To support your efforts, we've created advocacy documents specifically for local library outreach. (Library Advocacy Sheet (US),
Library Advocacy Sheet (UK)).

*Please note the library license is for patron checkout, to be viewed for private, in-home use only. The library license is not applicable for public screenings. If you are interested in hosting a public screening of Unrest, please fill out this form to initiate that process.