"an affecting film"

Hollywood Reporter



"a high-grade example of the form"


"a revelation and a call to action"

Salt Lake City Tribune


"Making the film saved my life in a thousand ways. I don't even mean that as metaphor—I mean, it literally saved my life." – Jennifer Brea, No Film School

"I want people to walk away with a sense that life is fragile, life is precious, and we are all temporary, but that when faced with unforeseen obstacles, we all have the potential to find resources within ourselves we didn’t know we had." – Jennifer Brea, Women and Hollywood

"I’m hoping that this film can end the stigma, and also massively grow the scientific field. It’s really through science that we’re going to be able to find out what causes this, and ultimately how to cure this.” – Jennifer Brea, KPCW

"As the film evolved and as my journey evolved, it became about these deeper questions that we all grapple with. For me, it was if I never leave this bed, who can I be in this world, and what value does my life have?" – Jennifer Brea, Park City Television

“I wanted to distinguish this film from the typical disease doc by highlighting the humor, the love story, and the detective story of this woman trying to understand an illness that the medical community has ignored.” – Editor Kim Roberts, Indiewire

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