Contact your local film festival

Want to bring Unrest to a film festival near you?

1) Check out our list of upcoming screenings to see if we're already planning to screen in your city.

2) If you don't see your hometown, you're welcome to reach out to your local festival via email and let them know that you'd love to see them program Unrest. Demonstrating community interest always helps! If the festival is interested, you can direct them to contact the film team through our form here:

3) If you do reach out, please let us know!

Here's a sample email you can send:

Hi ________,

My name is ________, and I live here in ________. I'm writing to request that you bring the new documentary film Unrest to the ________ Film Festival. Unrest is a moving medical mystery that recently premiered at Sundance, where it won a special jury award. The film is currently screening at festivals around the world, and I'd love to see it come to ________.

Unrest tells the personal story of Jennifer, a Harvard PhD student about to marry the love of her life when she’s struck down by a fever that leaves her bedridden. When doctors tell her it’s "all in her head," she goes online and finds a hidden world of millions confined to their homes and bedrooms by ME, commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome. The film gives us intimate access to Jennifer and her husband as they grapple with how to live in the face of unexpected illness, but it’s also a global story about an international community of patients with a serious, life-altering disease — millions suffering invisibly, ignored by medicine and science because of sexism, ignorance, and bias. 

It would mean so much for me and for my community if you were to show Unrest here in XXX. You can reach out to the Unrest film team if you'd like to request a screener or more information about booking the film:

Thanks so much for your consideration.